“Lasted a lot longer than what we’ve been using. Those others lose their edge faster. The saw doesn’t stall as much and not nears as much recovery time. I think you’ve got something good there.”

Adam Wicks of Hammock Wicks Timber, Roberta, Ga


“Aint’ had them cut as well this long – Thats’s a fast cutting saw!”

Emory Wilday of Piedmont Logging, Milledgeville, GA

“Them jokers cut!”

“ … saw speed doesn’t drop off. Usually after a few days I have to cut a large tree from both sides because the saw bogs down and stalls. With these I cut straight through without stalling after two weeks of cutting.”

Charles of Ronald Davis Logging, Forsyth, GA


“Goes through hickory like nothin’ and there isn’t much harder than hickory!”

“… They don’t drag the saw down.”

Danny Perkins of Perkins Timber, Zebulon, GA

Clint Carlson.jpg

“I think it’s a good tooth. Definitely more longevity than what we’ve been using. There is less saw stall in big wood. All in all better.”

Clint Carlson of Sunshine Logging, Kaslo, BC